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Protecting Your Natural Gas Compressor

E&P Services Group offers compression services and pipeline protection programs. We provide technical field support on all projects, including NACE/AMPP Level I & II Senior Internal Corrosion Technologists.

Natural Gas Compressor

Keep Your Compressor Clean of Debris

Pig Sweep® is continuously injected upstream of compression to keep the witches hat clean and act as an antifoulant. This process reduces the differential pressure across the entire system by as much as 100 psi, allowing greater throughput and leaving your cooler and pipe walls free of debris
Pig Sweep segmenting debris in pipe
Pig Sweep® segments debris and sends it through compression. This causes the differential pressure to stay the similar on both sides of the witches hat.
Slug Catcher

Keep Your Slug Catcher Clean of Debris

E&P can also continuously inject Pig Sweep® upstream of slug catchers which allows debris to segment and move through to the filtration system.
sludge and debris from Pig Sweep process

What is Pig Sweep®?

The Pig Sweep® process is raising the bar for pipe cleaning services as well as allowing for the smooth flowing of oil and natural gas from the source to the refinery. Saving expensive and time-consuming testing and tailoring of your cleaning solutions

In the past, the technology required a sample of the pipe wall debris to be taken and a special chemical solution was created to address the specific contaminants. In many cases, more than one chemical cleaning run was needed, using multiple products to address each kind of unwanted debris and sludge. This resulted in additional time, money, lost production and often affecting dew point and odorant fade.

To address this, E&P has created the first nanoparticle mechanical cleaning process for oil and natural gas pipelines.

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